The excitement of an ATV ride at Beji River Adventure

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24 April 2024

The excitement of an ATV ride at Beji River Adventure

The Thrill of ATV Adventure at Beji River Adventure, exploring Bali doesn't have to be limited to Kuta, Seminyak, or Nusa Dua, which are synonymous with beaches and urban areas. But Bali also offers many favorite tourist destinations and activities, one of which is the Ubud area.

The Ubud area provides opportunities for tourists who want to experience and indulge in exciting and challenging activities while exploring the beauty of Ubud's nature. ATV Riding is the choice, one of the most popular adventures today.

ATV Riding at Beji River Adventure

Ubud's favorite tourist destination has become one of the famous tourist destinations with its stunning natural attractions, including adventure activities using off-road ATVs exploring Ubud's nature. With the beauty of rural areas, forests, Ubud river, and muddy ATV trails, it invites adrenaline to be traversed.

To indulge your holiday in Bali, we at BALIATV.ID provide the best ATV adventurers in Bali, offering attractive promos for those who want to rent. With affordable ATV packages, you can already have an adventure with challenging and comprehensive routes in Bali.

Reservation for ATV Riding at Beji River Adventure

The Beji River Adventure is our most affordable ATV trail. Although it's the most affordable, the trail is not inferior to the best ATVs like Kuber ATV, Ubud Jungle ATV, or keepall ATV Bali. Because many people have proven it and given many good reviews.

That's not without clear reasons, because of the uniqueness of the trail, the excitement, and the fun of using ATV Ubud from us. So, riding an ATV at Beji River is a must-try when visiting Ubud. With affordable prices and a fairly long route equipped with safety equipment and special guides.

Passing Through Rural Areas, Rivers, Waterfalls, and Caves while Riding ATV

The Thrill of ATV Adventure at Beji River Adventure

The natural adventure experience with ATV trails that are not too complicated pampers renters to experience adventure atmospheres that can only be found here. The trees and the ability to try it out as a group will be an interesting story.

This is perfect for those of you who are vacationing in Bali with a group, a thrilling adventure by trying adventures in Ubud.

The Waterfall and Tunnel ATV packages we offer are also very budget-friendly, so there's no need to worry, and safety and comfort are guaranteed. With exciting ATV trails, comfortable for relaxing, then photo spots at waterfalls and tunnels pique our interest to take photos as if adventuring in the wild.

Of course, this is very enjoyable and fun; it would be a shame to miss it, because the promo package at Kuber ATV Adventure is for those of you visiting Ubud.

Opportunities like this are perfect to try to make your vacation atmosphere in Bali truly exciting and guaranteed to be addictive. With a natural concept and a waterfall there, it certainly adds its own attraction for tourists to visit.

Types of Beji ATV Packages, Prices, and Facilities

When joining to take ATV rides at Beji River ATV, you usually choose from 2 available packages, namely single ATV ride and tandem ATV ride. Such packages are only available here, affordable and complete.

We also provide adequate ATV units, and even the guides are experienced, so the opening of this promo is in accordance with the desire to try adventure using ATV. Booking the service is also very easy if you want to rent it in advance.

ATV Riding Prices at Beji River Adventure

1. Single Package (one ATV for one person) = IDR 300,000
2. Tandem Package (one ATV for two people) = IDR 500,000


The above prices are provided in this promotional price which will not reduce the quality of our Ubud ATV services, certainly a benefit for adventure enthusiasts when exploring Ubud Bali. Affordable rental prices, promotional packages are complete with facilities provided as follows:

  1. Safety Equipment for Riders such as Helmets, Guards, and Boots
  2. Professional Ubud ATV Guides
  3. Changing Rooms and Showers
  4. Storage Lockers
  5. Insurance

Preparation for safety and guidance, here you get complete equipment such as helmets, body protectors, and health care in case of falls or injuries during the journey. Because off-road and muddy roads often make users slip.

Having guidance before using Ubud ATV for participants is a memorable experience here. So there's no need to worry about experience; this ATV trail is designed for beginners trying this big engine motorcycle. This guidance will cover how to ride, navigate the trail, and maintain balance.

Changing rooms and showers are available, complete with storage lockers guarded by local security. It is recommended for ATV participants to bring spare clothes and not bring anything like mobile phones, jewelry, etc., except GoPro for recording.

Because luxury items are risky to damage or lose. It is better to secure them in a special storage locker or can be left with us. This is to avoid losing items or damage when you are on the road.

Shower facilities are also very indulgent after walking on muddy roads, so the provision of this facility becomes an excellent facility from us because we not only provide the room but also classy facilities to provide comfort for visitors.

It is recommended to bring only a recording camera when adventuring in ATV Riding at Beji River Adventure because the trails to be traversed are muddy, watery, and dusty, which can be risky for phones.

Using GoPro is the best choice for capturing moments on the journey. Seeing the facilities of this ATV package at Beji River Adventure, becomes a consideration for you. But we provide various exciting experiences in attractive packages, where adventures like this are worth being an adrenaline trigger and a satisfaction to visit Ubud.

The ATV package prices are very cheap compared to other places, with easy trails, the best photo spots, and the best and most complete services in Bali. Combined with professional guides who can assist you during your adventure here.

Viewing the ATV Adventure Routes and the Coolest Selfie Spots

ATV Riding at Beji River Adventure

Talking about how long the journey takes and what the terrain is like? It's not as difficult as imagined, such as steep with lots of bushes, but still at a safe level. So there's no need to hesitate to try adventuring using it.

The duration depends on the speed of riding this large motorcycle; if calculated from the average medium speed, it can take up to 1.5 hours. The terrain is also very captivating compared to what you see on television stations or YouTube channels.

Because it is designed for beginners, the roads traversed are also very friendly for novice users. Especially for teenagers who can use it, but with guidance from a guide to balance their motorcycles.

Our ATV Ubud motorcycle engines are also very powerful but can be accessed by all ages, both teenagers and parents. It is not uncommon for renters to be dominated by adults, where the desire to test their adrenaline while riding ATV is very high.

For those of you who bring a group, renting ATV Ubud will start the journey from the main post to the rice fields. From these rice fields, you can see the pristine panorama with a warm welcome from the locals who are in the fields.

The road is quite smooth and long before entering a small river trek, where there is a very wide river welcoming your eyes while riding.

On this forest road, you will pass an artificial river with cliffs on its sides. However, this road is preferred by many visitors because you will find waterfalls and enter caves with ATVs here.

After navigating the river, entering the cave a little, and arriving at the favorite photo spot for tourists, namely the waterfall. It is presented exotically so it can be a place to rest after passing through various slippery and muddy roads.

After resting, then continue on a wide river terrain, with the presentation of plantations. Here, it is advisable to move slower because the road is slippery and rocky. So there needs to be a guide who is already on guard before visitors pass.

After passing through the trek, apparently there is still a small river that is long until it reaches a circle similar to a pond. Here, you can circle the route while enjoying the water splashes coming from the motorcycle's motion. Until finishing with asphalt roads towards the main post.

Some Preparations and Equipment for Using ATV in Ubud

Of course, before using this large motorcycle, the guide will prepare all the necessities that must be there, such as helmets, user safety, and other matters. So, we always prioritize to provide an interesting impression as well as safety for tourists.

The preparations that tourists need to bring before navigating the Beji River Adventure route in Ubud Bali are recommended to bring items as follows:

  1. Change of clothes or clothing set
  2. Sunscreen (sunscreen lotion)
  3. Sunglasses if needed
  4. A small camera if needed

You need to prepare a change of clothes because traversing this watery trek will make your clothes wet and dirty. So it is necessary to bring a set so you don't have to wait for them to dry when finishing the journey using ATV Ubud.

It is recommended to use SUNSCREEN CREAM if you care about skin health, where not only does it protect against dirt, but direct exposure when passing through fields is also very necessary.

Also, use sunglasses to avoid dust or dirt entering the eyes. Because later, not only water showers will be passed, but muddy roads can also be considered, so it is mandatory to use glasses.

Safety is the most important thing before comfort in riding ATV Ubud, so we provide this promo package complete with equipment and tools that are adjusted. So later, you no longer need to bring many safety equipment.

You can immediately confirm for booking when you want to order the promo package, especially for large scales, it must be done in advance so that later we can provide specifically for large numbers of orders.

The adventure trail Beji River Adventure Ubud Bali invites many tourists, where they come for satisfaction and fun available here. Enjoying the sensation of adventure can visit or directly make further reservations HERE.

Crossing Challenging and Exciting Trails

ATV at Beji River Adventure

Crossing Ubud's Rice Fields - Riding across rice fields with ATV Ubud gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Ubud's nature and its unique culture. When you traverse the lush green rice fields, you will feel peace and tranquility.

Green Forest Trail - You will get the chance to traverse several footpaths in the lush green forest and enjoy the beauty of nature where there are many shady trees that make the air cool, on this trail occasionally you will pass through muddy/off-road trails with ATV. Here, your adrenaline will be challenged, and the trail is certainly exciting.

Cave or Tunnel - After reaching the cave trail, you can take a short break before continuing the journey to the next trail. Usually, on this trail, tourists take photos because the place is interesting, where the cave is shaped like an angel statue with typical Balinese carvings.

Waterfall - If it's raining, the waterfall will be even more intense, which will complement your adventure during ATV Ubud. The waterfall is located on the edge of the cliff with Bali's characteristic carvings and sculptures in the river.

Crossing the River - The River Trail is only available at BALIATV.ID and is not available elsewhere or at other ATV companies. So make sure to only book at BALIATV.ID. In this trail, you will traverse the wide Ubud river, and if you stop, the sound of rushing water will be very clear and can be a place for your healing.

Passing through Water Puddles - Some trails will contain water puddles. This can be an amazing experience when riding an ATV. You will feel a new challenge when crossing water puddles with your ATV. Riding through water puddles with an ATV will be a unique sensation.

Funny Trek Around the Track - A circular track containing water puddles that you can pass through with your ATV. If you go in groups, racing ATV Ubud will be very exciting.

Well, that's a little review of ATV riding tours in Ubud Bali that we provide with current promo prices specifically for ATV Riding at Beji River Adventure, the location and route of the ATV are very suitable for beginners and professionals. For other Ubud ATV trails, you can see in the Ubud ATV article.